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What to Do at an All Inclusive Resort When it Rains: 8 Ideas

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Being so close to the ocean, there’s always a chance you might encounter some rain on your sunny holiday. The good news is that unless you’re traveling during peak rainy season (usually mid-August to the end of October), the rain won’t last all day. But, if you need some ideas, here’s what to do at an all inclusive resort when it rains. 

Sometimes the rain is a great excuse to luxuriate in what your resort or hotel has to offer!

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Bring Games to Play

One of the things I always pack when staying at an all inclusive vacation is a game or two and some cards. 

Resorts always have great lobby and lounge areas with comfy chairs, couches and tables where you can hang out, play some games and have a drink. 

My favorite game to bring to a resort is Mexican Trains.

It’s a dominos game that 2 to 8 people can play, so it’s perfect whether you’re traveling as a couple, family or group. It’s quick to learn, goes fast and keeps everyone engaged! 

Bringing a couple of cards takes up no room in your luggage and there’s endless amounts of games to play. 

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is the perfect game that you can play anywhere (the size of a deck of cards), it’s simple to learn and hilarious moments are guaranteed to happen!

Plan an Excursion or Head into Town

A rainy day is the perfect excuse to get off the resort and experience some local culture. Depending where you are, there are so many options. 

Most all inclusive resorts are within 30 minutes of a local town or small city.

Spend a day shopping, visiting markets and finding some hidden gem restaurants and try some food not available at the resort. 

Tequila or rum tastings are always a hit, and they usually include an indoor tour of the distilling process. Added bonus – you won’t care as much about the rain after a few shots!

If you’re staying at a resort near Cancun, a tour to Chichen Itza is the perfect way to spend a rainy day.

Or one of the best things to do in Varadero when it rains is to visit House of Rum.

Enjoy a Spa Day

Many all inclusive resorts have luxury spas onsite, and they’re often a great deal compared to back home. 

Most likely, your resort’s spa will include a either unlimited use of their relaxation rooms or hydrotherapy circuit when you purchase a service.

Treat yourself to a massage or a body scrub and enjoy saunas, steam rooms, and specialized hydro pools. 

Have the Swim Up Bar All to Yourself

Since the weather is still warm, the pools at your resort will still be open and this includes the swim up bars!

The swim up bars are always covered, so you can sit and drink and chat with the bartenders and not get rained on.

Most likely, many of the other resort guests won’t think of doing this, so you and your travel companion(s) will have it all to yourselves. 

Indulge in Room Service

Most all inclusive resort packages include free room service.

Use the rainy day to take advantage of something that’s usually too expensive at most hotels.

Sleep in, stay in your robe and slippers and have coffee and breakfast delivered to your room and live the high class lifestyle for a few moments!

Check in With the Activity Staff

The resort activity staff are there to entertain guests.

While there’s always a daily schedule, most will have backup plans for things to do when it rains at the resort.

They’ll arrange movies or games in the lobby, theater or other areas that are sheltered from the rain. 

Take the Best Photos

Cloudy and overcast conditions are ideal for photos.

When it’s too sunny, things get overexposed and don’t turn out well. So when it’s raining, it’s the ideal time to go get your perfect vacation pics.

Bobus – no one will be squinting! 

Enjoy Fewer Crowds

Drink pina coladas and enjoy getting caught in the rain!

If it rains while you’re on your sunny vacation, at least it won’t be cold!

You can always embrace the rain and enjoy warm water drops on your skin.

Chances are, most people might be hiding inside, so you’ll have the pools and the beach to yourself (or almost).

Resort staff, like bartenders and activity staff, will still be on shift, and they’ll love hanging out and talking with you.

They’re always so friendly and it’s nice to have some one on one time with the staff for that extra personal treatment.

Who knows, you might get some unique fancy drinks or some insider info!

Is Cancun Still Fun if It’s Raining?

Cancun is still fun to enjoy when it’s raining. You’ve got lots of options to pass the time when the skies open up.

This is the perfect time to do an excursion to the Chichen Itza ruins.

You’ve got over an hour each way of driving, and then as long as you have an umbrella walking around tours the ruins, it’s not a big deal if it’s a little wet. Plus, it will be much less busy. 

A cenote tour is a great way to spend a rainy day around Cancun.

Most of the cenotes are underground, only accessible through a cave opening, so chances are you’ll be covered once you’re swimming inside. 

In Cancun, you’ll also find the Mayan Museum of Cancun, which is a hidden gem often missed by tourists.

You’ll leave with a through understanding of the fascinating and advanced way of life that the Mayan people lived, and where many of our agricultural advances came from. 


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