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Thank you for checking us out at TravCon!

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Were you at TravCon this year? We were!

Our first official launch of Wanderly (and Wanda the Wanderly Pineapple) for the travel nursing community took place at the Travelers Conference in September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While we were there we met so many wonderful travel nurses and really felt like we connected with the nursing community in ways that are only possible at TravCon. It was important to us to share our mission with each and every one of you and discuss what we do face to face. If you were there, you probably noticed the large pineapple at our booth- that’s Wanda the Wanderly Pineapple and she was ecstatic that so many of you wanted to take a picture with her. We enjoyed doing multiple giveaways, and a few lucky nurses even won designer bags. Thank you for such a special TravCon experience, Travel Nurses!

Of course, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude and send a special thank you to the hundreds of travel nurses who simplified their assignment process by signing up with Wanderly at TravCon. Welcome to a world of efficiency and job hunting ease as you explore everything that Wanderly has to offer.

Being a Wanderly Travel Nurse means that you now can anonymously chat with recruiters, explore jobs all over the country from multiple agencies, and review pay packages.  As well as, keeping your personal submission documents on file to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend uploading them.

It is so important that each Wanderly nurse knows how much our mission of nurse advocacy directly affects them and the ways that Wanderly can improve their travel nursing life.



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