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Travel Nursing in Alaska

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Travel Nursing In Alaska

Travel nursing in Alaska is quite an adventure, to say the least. Taking on an assignment in Alaska probably means you love nature, adventure, and high pay. It’s incredibly rewarding and a place to expand your nursing skills. Not to mention, getting to see sights like Mt. McKinley and Glacier Bay are just part of the beauty in experiencing travel nursing in Alaska. Depending on what time of year you decide to go, you could be enjoying the daylight all day or night from May to August in 2 in Barrow, Alaska. Be sure to invest in some blackout curtains or stay in a place where they’re available.

You can experience many different adventures while travel nursing in Alaska. A few of our must do’s are:

Flightseeing Over an Alaska Mountain Range

Get a higher view when you fly over a sea of mountains, glaciers, and see glacial formations that humans haven’t set foot on. You’ll discover miles of Alaskan wilderness through alpine valleys. The majority of flightseeing companies, including both fixed wing and helicopter operations, are based in the communities immediately surrounding the Denali park such as Talkeetna, Healy, and Kantishna. Some flight tours can also be taken in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

A variety of routes and itineraries are available if the weather cooperates. Some operators offer flight tours year-round. For the enhanced flightseeing experience, you can opt to land on one of the park glaciers aboard a ski-equipped airplane. Because of unpredictable snow conditions, glacier landings are primarily offered during the spring and summer months. Book a flightseeing adventure in one of the following towns like Skagway | Denali | Homer | Talkeetna | Seward | Kenai / Soldotna  | Girdwood | Anchorage | Tok | Juneau | Ketchikan | McCarthy.

Go on a Bear Viewing Tour

See these beautiful, intriguing animals in their natural environments. Learn more about their lifestyle and even capture a photo while you watch. A popular bear viewing spot is the Alaska Peninsula near Bristol Bay. This is where Katmai National Park’s Brooks Camp offers the chance to watch bears catching big fish. You can also find a bear viewing opportunity in other towns like Anchorage | Ketchikan | Fairbanks | Juneau | Kenai/Soldotna/Sterling | Kodiak | Homer

View the Northern Lights

This is a unique and magical experience. The prime viewing season is in the dead of winter, aka when it’s the darkest and coldest time of year. There’s one other opportunity where you could catch the Northern Lights and that’s right at the end of summer around early September.

Even though you can most likely view them anywhere in the state, there are 3 locations where viewing might be best:

Fairbanks: This would be the most dependable spot. It’s geographically under an “aurora oval,” which makes seeing auroras more common. The Northern Alaska Tour Company offers to combine flightseeing trips and driving excursions that make this adventure amazing for Northern Lights sights.

Anchorage: If you’re closer to Anchorage, you could take the Salmon Berry Tours, who offer overnight and multi-day excursion to Talkeetna and Fairbanks. You won’t have to worry about transportation there and back.

Brooks Range: At Iniakuk Wilderness Lodge, you can book an all-inclusive, multi-day stay. It’s a wilderness lodge where you can experience dog sledding, snowshoeing, and view the aurora at night.


Watch a Tidewater Glacier Crash into the Ocean

This is mother nature in its finest view. Take in breathtaking views of the glaciers exploding into the ocean, creating giant waves when they hit. Often times, they can still continue moving up and down for a day or more until they reach open waters. Book a glacier tour here.

Travel Nursing Jobs in Alaska

If you’re considering travel nursing in Alaska, get ready for months of adventure and high pay! This includes travel assignments for ICU Jobs | ER Jobs | PACU Jobs | OR Jobs | L&D Jobs and more. Browse the highest paying opportunities and compare top pay here.

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