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Travel Tip – Airplane Health Tips

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I have been on a lot of airplanes in my life. A lot. So I thought I would share a few tips for trying to stay healthy while being trapped in one of these germs tubes. That way you may actually enjoy your destination when you get there!

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Wear a mask.

This is the new reality of flying. You will need to wear a mask during your entire trip. You may want to bring more than one and bring a bag to hold used ones. If it is a shorter flight avoid eating and drinking altogether. The least amount of time without your mask on the better.

Bring sanitizing wipes and use them.

I always have a pack of these in whatever bag I am carrying around. Most of the time it is to clean myself off after enjoying the latest food truck item, but they also play a very important role on a plane (and let’s face it, some restaurants too). That tray table right in front of you hasn’t been wiped down in I don’t know how long (if ever). So before you set your drink down, open your peanuts packet, or even place your book/iPad on it, wipe it down!

I personally use EO Products sanitizing hand wipes in lavender because I like the scent. They come individually packed (which don’t dry out) and packs of 10 wipes. But more importantly, they are biodegradable which is important to me.

Drink water, but only from a can or bottle.

You know drinking water is good for you while on a plane. It is important to keep hydrated. But don’t drink water from a pitcher. The water that they use to fill the pitcher is questionable and you should only drink water from a can or bottle. Another option is to bring your own refillable water bottle (one with a filter, there are tons of brands out there) which you fill up once you are past security. For hot water bring your own tumbler and ask a restaurant in the terminal to give you hot water. Here is new (2019) research from Conde Nast Traveler on how dirty the water is on a plane.

Bring your own food/snacks.

Even when airlines did provide meals for free they weren’t worth much. Most airplane food is of poor quality with little nutritional value. So bring your own. Trust me you will be far happier, and healthier for that matter. If you don’t want to pack a sandwich, bring portable snacks. Whatever you bring will be better than what you get on a plane.


The air in the airplane will wreak havoc on your skin, your eyes, your sinuses, and nasal mucous membranes, your hands. Bring lotion, a travel-size water spray (or make your own and saline solution for your eyes and nose.

Be cautious of UV Rays from sitting in the Window Seat.

I have written about this before, it is just something to take into consideration. I prefer to sit in the window seat, and I am not likely to change my seat type any time soon, but since you should be wearing sunscreen every day anyway and sunglasses too when it is bright out, why not make sure you are doing the same when you are sitting next to a window on the plane?

Be active (if it is safe).

This is particularly important on long haul flights where the risk is high for clots (dehydration also plays into that). Get up and stretch your legs from time to time. Do some stretches, flex those muscles. You will feel far better when you arrive.

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