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Is Venice worth visiting?

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  • Is Venice Worth Visiting?
    • Where is Venice?
  • 5 Reasons to visit Venice, Italy
    • The only city on the water in the world
    • Perfect destination for wine and food lovers
    • Ideal city break for art and history lovers
    • Historical events and festivals
    • Hidden gems in Venice
  • Is Venice Worth Visiting?

Is Venice Worth Visiting?

Many travelers who are planning their dream trip to Europe are asking themselves (and more than ever): is Venice worth visiting?

Venice might be an overcrowded place during special annual occasions, such as the Carnival or the Venice Film Festival…

However, the city on the water is still one of the best Italian escapes in Europe, and we are going to explain exactly why.

Where is Venice?

Venice is the regional capital of Veneto. It’s located in the northeast of Italy, in a unique but strategic position.

Even if Venice is not on the mainland (located on 118 small islands), there are thousands of ways to visit the rest of the region and Italy from here!

From Venice Santa Lucia railway station you can easily get to Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples and many other cultural destinations.

This means you can visit Venice, spend a couple of days in the city and then move to your next stop by train!

Not to forget, Venice Marco Polo airport is one of Italy’s major airports with flight connections all around Europe and the rest of the world.

Venice is located on small islands in the Venetian Lagoon of the Adriatic Sea. It’s connected by 435 bridges and in total, there are 176 canals crossing the city! We think this is a good reason to visit Venice alone.

Are there more? … Yes!

These are not the only reasons why it’s worth your time and energy. A trip to Venice can fulfill your dream of an immersive Italian escape.

See some of our reasoning behind why Venice is worth visiting:

5 Reasons to visit Venice, Italy

What other place on the planet can you admire the sunset on the lagoon and where you can take a gondola and cross the Grand Canal looking at ancient Byzantine and Gothic palaces as well as at the Rialto Bridge?

None that we know, but let’s not boast too much! Before we get carried away, let’s explore our 5 reasons why Venice is worth visiting.

The only city on the water in the world

Venice is known for being the only city on the water in the world and that’s the first reason why we believe Venice is worth visiting.

Venice is famous around the world for its canals.

There are villages and small towns all over the world built on the water, like in China, Mexico, and Senegal, but Venice is definitely the biggest and most beautiful one of all.

Venice lies in the heart of the Venice Lagoon, which extends over a length of 40 kilometers. Only a tiny percentage of the lagoon is constantly covered with water, the rest of it is either islands or “dead lagoon”.

The city itself is on the water, in order to create enough foundation, 25 meter-long oak trunks were stuck in the mud. These constitute the foundation that Venice was and is still built on.

The canals were waterways necessary to move around people and products coming from the mainland and from the Far East back in the glorious Serenissima Republic days.

Locals and visitors today get around Venice with gondolas, water taxis, and “vaporetto”, the local ferry, and get to other islands on the lagoon too.

Perfect destination for wine and food lovers

We all know Italy is famous for food and Venice makes no exception when it comes to Italian cuisine, you can find tasty food everywhere!

Italian Pasta served with wine in a restaurant in Venice

The motherland of the “Bellini” cocktail and the “bigoli in salsa”, pasta in anchovy sauce, here there’s a vast offer of gastronomic spots and food options for you to choose from.

Venice can satisfy every palate: you can even try the “bacari” tour, the traditional low-profile taverns run by Venetian people to experience the most authentic side of the city.

But also, chic restaurants and clubs scattered around canals, narrow streets, and venues modeled inside magnificent historical landmarks.

Why not stay at the H10 Palazzo Canova for an unforgettable evening?

You’ll be only a few minutes’ walk away from the Rialto Bridge and Market where the best restaurants and ‘bacari’ in Venice are situated.

Eating in Venice is all about high-quality fresh ingredients worked by the wise hands of prestigious chefs and local people.

These are the ones who have extensive knowledge of the traditional dishes and what edible delights the generous Adriatic Sea has to offer.

Ideal city break for art and history lovers

Venice is one of the best city breaks in Europe for art and history lovers. Just by walking around the city, you can see how old the history of Venice is and there are thousands of ways to learn more.

There is not one single place to learn about Venice’s history, but the San Marco Basilica is a good place to understand how the relationship between Venice and Byzantium was.

Depending on how many days in Venice you have, you’ll be able to explore the history as well as current-day events that are happening.

The Doge Palace helps you to get a sense of how was Venice during the Serenissima Republic and the Correr Museum to see how was Venice during the Napoleonic rule.

Many people visit Venice for its remarkable art collections. There is something for all tastes, from Renaissance masters such as Titian and Veronese to modern art from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Lovers of contemporary art can not miss the appointment with the Venice Biennale, which attracts the best artists from all over the world.

Historical events and festivals

Venice is worth visiting because it hosts some of the most important international festivals and a couple of well-known events worldwide.

Many travelers visit the famous Venice Carnival! Its origin dates back to the year 1162 to celebrate a military victory of the city at that time.

The Carnival is celebrated all around the city and many events are going on during the whole Carnival celebrations. It ends the Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) before the start of Lent.

There are still masks and costume makers around the city who want to keep alive the ancient tradition.

The other events not to miss in Venice are:

  • Venice Film Festival, for those passionate about movies and theatre;
  • The Festa del Redentore, the third Sunday of July, is a day to celebrate with fireworks the end of the terrible plague of 1576.
  • A stay at the hotel Al Redentore di Venezia on the Giudecca island where you can comfortably watch the Rendentore fireworks!
  • Venice Biennale, during which you can see artworks sparse all around the city;
  • The Regata Storica, taking place the first Sunday of September to celebrate one of the oldest traditions: the Venetian rowing;

Hidden gems in Venice

Would you agree that the landmarks and events mentioned up to now are great reasons why Venice is worth visiting?

Why not visit a traditional bakery in Venice?

If not, there’s more… Venice has a lot of hidden corners and secret places you shouldn’t miss, especially during an extended stay.

Firstly, do not miss a walk in the Jewish Ghetto and take the off-the-beaten way to reach the Castello district, the less-visited district in Venice where the Arsenale is based.

Check out the Hotel Nuovo Teson to be a few meters away from the Biennale and to enjoy the best bits of the Castello neighborhood.

On your way, you’ll see many local businesses such as bakeries, small book stores, and “osterie”.

We suggest spending money here when you want to taste traditional delicacies, to buy gifts from Italy or local handmade souvenirs.

Some hidden gems you can add to your Venice itinerary include:

  • Scala Contarini del Bovolo
  • Libreria Acqua Alta
  • Gardens and cloisters of San Francesco della Vigna
  • Calle Varisco, the narrowest street in Venice
  • Squero San Trovaso
  • Giudecca island
  • Oratorio dei Crociferi

Is Venice Worth Visiting?

We said all that to say, yes, we believe that Venice is worth visiting.

Venice is like an open-air museum, and this makes the city a perfect European break for all the art and history lovers out there.

You’ll find delicious food that satisfies all if you take the time to select a traditional restaurant or “bacaro” (always ask a local to avoid mistakes!).

If you’re looking to experience Venice and its festivities, as you can see, there’s quite a lot of choice. Just remember to consult an event calendar you can easily find online.

See our popular 1 day in Venice itinerary and let us know what you think about Venice and why it is worth visiting (in your opinion).

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