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Gifts From England

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See these gifts from England we have selected for you.

English gifts for family and friends

Are you trying to find gifts from England that you could provide to someone from the UK? Then you might be at a loss for what to choose.

With so many items to choose from on the market, finding the right item can be more time-consuming than you might first assume.

Let’s take a look at some useful ideas you could use to your advantage. First, though, what matters when choosing gifts from England?

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  • Gifts From England
  • Buying gifts from England
    • Yorkshire Tea
    • Tunnock’s Caramel Waffer Biscuits
    • HUNTER Rain Boot
    • Monopoly Board Game
    • I Never Knew That About London
    • Homesick United Kingdom Scented Candle
    • Cath Kidston Teatime
    • A Piece of Land from ENGLAND
  • Gifts From England

Gifts From England

What matters when buying someone genuine gifts from England? There are a few questions that you should probably ask yourself.

To help determine if the gift you have chosen, or are thinking of choosing, is genuine, ask yourself the following:

  • Was it made in England? The first question that matters is the actual place of origin. Obviously, the best gifts from England are made within the country. Always look to make sure that your chosen gift is made within the country, as otherwise, it is an imitation, not genuine.
  • Is it a traditional gift? Traditional English gifts come with a very particular feel and style to them. Something that has strong tradition within English culture. As such, try to keep an eye out for the actual history and meaning behind your chosen gift or gifts.
  • Is it for an English person? This matters because an English person will know what kind of gifts are the norm ‘back home’. As such, take the time to work out if what you are offering them is actually something that would fit in with their national personality.

Go through these simple but vital questions, and you should be a bit closer to choosing gifts from England that make actual sense.

Of course, if you are still short on inspiration, we have put together a useful little collection of English gifts that fit the above criteria well.

Buying gifts from England

If you want a hand in choosing a new gift, then you should take a look at the various gifts that we have collected below.

These all make good choices for giving to anyone who is of English origin and should be seen as a worthwhile choice.

Yorkshire Tea


  • Classic English-tasting tea package
  • Various package sizes to choose
  • A well-loved local tea

This particular tea is a common choice for just about anyone who is on the lookout for a classic English gift. The concept of English people drinking tea is more or less a national treasure, so this makes a pretty obvious starting place for a worthwhile gift!

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Tunnock’s Caramel Waffer Biscuits


  • Vintage caramel wafer
  • Wrapped in lovely chocolate
  • Tastes absolutely brilliant

If you want to get someone a classic gift that comes from the UK (technically Scotland, but loved in England too) then buy some Tunnock’s wafer biscuits. These taste great, offer a fantastic crunch, and have that rich caramel filling that makes them perfect for tipping into a cup of tea!

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HUNTER Rain Boot


  • Quality rain boots
  • Made to last long-term
  • Rubber, strong sole

HUNTER boots are a massive part of the industry today and are one of the most respected names within UK women’s fashion. Pick up a pair for someone and you are buying them a pair of quality boots that you know they are going to get many miles of usage out of.

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Monopoly Board Game


  • Classic UK board game
  • Great for days away
  • Suitable for any age

If your aim is to buy a gift for someone who can play with others, then buy this board game for them. This is one of many classic gifts from England that anyone can enjoy; Monopoly is a game that so many people around the world play and enjoy.

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I Never Knew That About London


  • Filled with interesting details
  • Great for trivia hunters
  • The ideal time-passing gift

Buying gifts from England for someone who seems to know everything about back home? Then hand them this. It’ll test their knowledge and no doubt impart a few facts and interesting details that they simply would never have known about – no matter how well-read they are overall!

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Homesick United Kingdom Scented Candle


  • Smells of the UK
  • Great for expats
  • Leaves a lasting scent

If you are buying gifts from England for someone who is away from the UK then this makes an obvious choice. It will remind them of their home and give them a little sense of pride about everything that they miss about home. Definitely, one to invest in for travelers and expats.

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Cath Kidston Teatime


  • Excellent cake baking guide
  • Filled with unique ideas
  • One for cake lovers

Buying a guide for someone who wants to do a bit of classic British baking? Then this is the obvious place to start. Show them the army of amazing cakes that come from the UK with this excellent guide to making some absolutely exceptional desserts.

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A Piece of Land from ENGLAND


  • Stylish certificate of ownership
  • A very particular gift
  • Ideal for family and friends

If you want something that works as a memento, this little piece of land deed can be a smart and emotional investment. Especially useful for anyone who has moved away and pines to go back home and see how much things have changed back in England since they departed the country.

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Gifts From England

While you still have quite a few decisions to make here, the various gifts from England we have provided should give you a good starting place.

Look through each product and you should find it easy to determine what gifts are most-suitable for your choosing. Good luck!

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