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Best Ethical Backpacks

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Are you on the lookout for the best ethical backpacks?

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When it comes to getting around the world, there are endless reasons why having a backpack you can rely upon is essential.

If buying ethical backpacks, though, there are many things to consider. Things that most travelers don’t consider when buying such items.

Where, then, should you start your buying journey?

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  • Best Ethical Backpacks
    • Choosing an ethical backpack
  • Buying an Ethical Backpack
    • Fjällräven Re-Kånken
    • Core Hemp Boho Handmade Travel Backpack
    • BAGGU Recycled Cotton Canvas Backpack 
    • Matt & Nat Brave Backpack
    • Clark & Mayfield Corbett Eco-Friendly Backpack
    • Maha Bodhi All Natural Backpack
    • Haiku Discover Eco-Friendly Travel Backpack
    • JanSport Recycled SuperBreak Backpack
  • Best Ethical Backpacks

Best Ethical Backpacks

Where should you start? Which backpacks are worthwhile? Where can you find a backpack that is both reliable and environmentally conscious?

Choosing an ethical backpack

If you do want to make a difference with your purchase, there are several things you can focus on when it comes to buying ethical backpacks.

To make sure that your purchase is not one that you are going to regret later on down the line, we recommend that you take a look at any ethical backpacks using the following attributes as a guide.

  • What is it made of? The material of any backpack matters. You want something that is durable and flexible, yes, but you also need something that is designed from an ethical standpoint. Make sure the materials are free from environmental and animal harm before committing to your purchase.
  • How is it made? Another important talking pint when buying ethical backpacks is to ensure they are made with fair, ethical, genuine working practices. The supply chain and the labor practices of the company making your chosen backpack should be something that you look at closely when making your decision.
  • Are they green? Green business practices mean things like using materials from proper sources, following environmental packaging goals, and doing more to help the environment thrive. For that reason, going green is something you can focus on when looking at any backpacks, as it will help you to know that it is ethically sound.

Focusing on the above three queries should be more than enough to help you work out if the bag that you have chosen to buy is ethical or not.

It can be a bit of a quandary to work out, but by no means impossible!

If you want to go ahead and make a purchase that you know you will be happy with, though, we have done some preliminary research for you.

Buying an Ethical Backpack

The following bags selected by us are what we would regard as ethical backpacks, and make a great addition to your collection.

Fjällräven Re-Kånken


  • Made from recycled material
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Comes in various tones

Start here with this solid color backpack that looks great to work with. It comes in various color tones, and you can easily fit just about anything you need on a daily basis into this bag. Good for work, school, college, and your typical shopping trips.

Learn More / Price via Amazon

Core Hemp Boho Handmade Travel Backpack


  • Handmade and high-quality backpack
  • Made with Himalayan Hemp
  • Comes with durable zippers

Keep your bag more organized and stylish than ever with the help of this addition to your ethical backpacks. This is a good choice as it is made using Nepalese organic hemp which is 100% organic, without cutting back on designs and color. Very useful for busy people who like compartments in their bags.

Learn More / Price via Amazon

BAGGU Recycled Cotton Canvas Backpack 


  • Stylish, creative bag design
  • Canvas satchel for everyday use
  • Adjustable straps for comfort

Make sure you don’t buy ethical backpacks that end up leaving you with a sore back after wearing them for too long. This adjustable bag gives you a solid, 100% cotton backpack that you could use for days out, small trips, and shorter journeys with smaller equipment needs.

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Matt & Nat Brave Backpack


  • Backpack with zip-top closure
  • Vegan friendly backpack
  • Eco-friendly materials

If your main aim when buying ethical backpacks is to find something both functional and friendly, start here. This works well because it is so easy to work with, and comes with a highly impressive design overall that can work well whether you are at work, busy, or just going about your day-to-day duties.

Learn More / Price via Amazon

Clark & Mayfield Corbett Eco-Friendly Backpack


  • Made with cork material
  • Fits 15.6” laptop sizes
  • Padded mesh for comfort

This bag is a recommended option for most people because it has that all-around appeal and is designed to last thanks to the cork material0. It is a stylish bag available in numerous tones, and comes with enough spacing to fit your laptop with relative ease.

Learn More / Price via Amazon

Maha Bodhi All Natural Backpack


  • Made in Nepal, handmade
  • Made using hemp and cotton
  • Top quality everyday backpack

If your ethical backpacks should be made using the most natural of resources, then be sure to add this bag to your list. This is a useful choice because it feels so good thanks to the use of hemp and cotton, and it is designed to last in any environment.

Learn More / Price via Amazon

Haiku Discover Eco-Friendly Travel Backpack


  • Easy to adjust size
  • Made with Cycle PET
  • Backpack and tote combo

This transforming bag is a must-have for anyone eyeing up ethical backpacks that have versatility at their heart. This can easily be adjusted to be fitted to your own style, whether you need a classic backpack or a more sizeable tote. A reliable choice for all shoppers, travelers, and more.

Learn More / Price via Amazon

JanSport Recycled SuperBreak Backpack


  • Made with recycled materials
  • Respected brand name
  • Eco-friendly design and structure

JanSport is regarded as the makers of some of the best ethical backpacks and would be our primary choice for most shoppers. This is a quality bag that should last you for many trips, whilst ensuring you know that your choice of bag is an ethical and fair consideration.

Learn More / Price via Amazon

Best Ethical Backpacks

Is it easy to buy ethical backpacks? Often not.

However, if you use this list you should be a fair bit closer to picking up a quality backpack that you know does the job that you were hoping for.

Take a look at our range of suggested backpacks, and you should at least be able to find a style that you know is suitable for you. Happy hunting!

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